You Know You Best

A few weeks ago I spoke to a skincare and makeup professional about a problem I was finding with my foundation moving around my nose. No matter how I tried to apply it or keep it in place it just seems to separate and move on the edges of my nose.
I thought the best person to ask would be a pro as they might have come across this problem before.
The advice I was given was to add in a moisturiser to my skin care routine. I immediately told her that’s wasn’t a good idea as I have oily skin and have gone through many many many moisturisers and they have never made any improvements to my skin, just made my face more oily.
However, after being given the spiel about how moisturisers are so important and this could be the solution to my foundation problem I decided she was a pro so to give it a go.
Thankfully I already had the moisturiser she recommended- which saved me a good £25+. So for just over a week I gave it a whirl and was moisturising day and night. I can’t believe how awful my makeup looked!
First thing it looks fine but during the day it separated out and seems to run off in places which never usually happens.
So my conclusion is that you know your skin best. Even though professionals may have their idea of what’s best for your skin type, everyone’s skin reacts differently to different products and the ‘norm’ for one person may be the worst thing in the world for the next.
I am in no way claiming to be trained or a pro in the skincare world, but this is just coming from my own experiences. Blogging and chatting with friends and skincare/makeup professionals is a great way for me to gain more product knowledge, swap skin stories and share my experiences.
On that note I would like to share my solution and what has worked to me to solve this problem- in case any of you have found the same thing.
I have previously blogged about the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer that I absolutely adore, however I have now found that using two different primers works wonders for me!
I now also use Estée Lauder’s Perfectionist on my t-zone.
I couldn’t tell you why but this combination works wonders on me. The perfectionist keeps my makeup in place on my t-zone even hours after application when my skin is starting to look a little oily. And the Laura Mercier works perfectly on the rest of my face and neck.
Let me know if any of you have had a similar problem and how you’ve solved it!

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