Glam & Coffee The Mum Edition

Today I have a guest post by my lovely Mum! I thought it would be nice to hear her story with rosacea and how she has been able to manage it and keep it under control. So pour yourself a cup of coffee and take some tips from my Mum… after all Mum knows best!

My rosacea started at about twelve years ago. Red hot cheeks blighted summer holidays and gradually started to dominate the whole year. Whilst on holiday in America, I came across Bare Minerals loose foundation powder and frankly was hooked as I saw the demo covering birth marks. I had given up on getting rid of my rosacea and just wanted to cover it up.

I used Johnsons sensitive wipes to take off make up and switched totally to Bare Minerals loose mineral powder. Within six months I had fairly presentable skin.

Later on I discovered Gatineau skin products and implemented a cleansing routine of the Gatineau gentle silk cleanser at night rinsed off with tepid water and the Gatineau melatogenine refreshing cleansing cream in the morning in the shower. 

The cleansing cream has a combination of cleanser and exfoliant. Later still, I also included the Gatineau anti aging gommage (exfoliant) which I used twice a week… and the Gatineau serenite soothing concentrate (sensitive skin rescue) overnight when my cheeks started to look a little angry.

I had also clicked that at the end of my morning shower I had to gradually turn down the temperature of the shower so that my cheeks were cool. This helped enormously when applying my make up.Fast forward twelve years, I wanted to try a different make up base to create a different look. I opted for Estée Lauder double wear light applied with a sponge – really liked the look. 

However, five months on, the rosacea started to return and one morning I woke up with burning red cheeks again.Back to the original solution, using everything I had learned worked for me in the past twelve years, I managed to sort the problem in three days!
·         Cleansed my face in the evening with Gatineau gentle silk cleanser  – four pumps rubbed onto my damp face, rinsed off with tepid water. Then splashed with cold water.
·         Applied two pumps of Gatineau serenite soothing concentrate overnight.
·         Washed with Gatineau melatogenine refreshing cleansing cream in the shower in the morning.
·         Ensured that I turned the shower down to cool to take the heat out of my cheeks.
·         Applied one pump of bare minerals skin rever – upper as a make up base (NB: I find the bare minerals primer does not work for me.)
·         Applied bare minerals loose powder and complimentary make up of the same range.

So there we have it, my Mum’s first blogging debut! I hope this can help any of you reading this if you suffer with rosacea too. What products do you use to aid your problem skin?


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